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Digitalization is changing the industry. The integration of future technologies in machines enables the intelligent use of data. This stage of digital transformation delivers transparency from the component / field level to the cloud.


Is digitalization of your production machine or production processes an issue? Do the components of the vacuum or compressed air supply play a key role for you as a machine manufacturer in the machine or for you as an operator within your production?

Becker informs about AIRLINK


  • AIRLINK supports you in the implementation of your digitization strategy.
  • AIRLINK complements the pure transmission of sensor values with the know-how of the pump specialist and thus closes the gap to manufacturer-specific platform solutions.
  • AIRLINK ensures transparency through its consistent connectivity on different communication levels.
  • AIRLINK provides high-quality, relevant operating data based on intelligent diagnostics and availability-based maintenance information.
  • AIRLINK offers the simple digital integration of a Becker pump into the machine, the control station, the company network or even a platform solution and provides exactly the information you need as operator, user or maintenance personnel.
  • AIRLINK opens the door to digital services within your company or on the platform solution of your choice.
  • AIRLINK APP connects your Becker pump directly to your mobile device.

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